Mitsubishi Electric elevators are contributing to the development and expansion of high-tech cityscapes around the world, and providing architects and developers with new options for innovative building designs. Unique state-of-the-art technologies are continuously being introduced to improve elevator operation and system efficiency, contributing to some of the most energy-saving vertical transportation systems commercially available.
NexWay-S Compact Machine Room Passenger Elevator
Breakthrough technological developments at Mitsubishi Electric have enabled the dimensions of the machine room to be reduced so that it only requires space directly above the hoistway. The elimination of expansive, bulky equipment and machinery translates into significant space savings, increases elevator installation possibilities and allows greater freedom in building design without losing any advanced elevator features.

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From providing conventional and customized straight-line escalators to the production of the world's only spiral escalators, Mitsubishi Electric is an industry leader in vertical transportation. Systems incorporate innovative engineering and energy-efficient technologies that ensure operation efficiency, including the utmost reliability, durability and safety.
Commercial Escalators
Utilizing industry-leading technologies in manufacturing and systems operation, Mitsubishi Electric escalators provide superior functionality and cost performance. Aesthetic designs combine the utmost in reliability and safety with the flexibility to blend in with any décor. Add distinctiveness and value to building architectures without affecting key factors such as durability and passenger safety.

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Moving Walks

Moving walks add yet another dimension to architectural space and can be installed either outdoors or inside, depending on the need. Mitsubishi Electric offers an array of moving walks in both flat and inclined system configurations. Utilizing basic structural technologies equivalent to those of our escalators, high reliability, durability, safety and cost performance are ensured.
Commercial Moving Walks
Offering a contemporary solution to growing pedestrian traffic requirements, moving walks are on the increase not only at train stations and airports, but also at tourist attractions and major shopping malls. Utilizing an original highly acclaimed drive system that optimizes safety and comfort, Mitsubishi Electric moving walks provide fast, smooth service and increased convenience.

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